Monday, February 11, 2013

Talking Heads Technology?

You are probably wondering how you even got to this blog.  Talking Heads Technology?  What's it all about?  The ultimate goal of this blog is to provide meaningful information to those looking to incorporate technology into education.  Whether you're trying something new for the first time or you're a technology guru looking for new ideas, this blog is designed to meet your needs.

So who are the "Talking Heads?"

Richard Lombardo and Jerrad Barczyszyn have been working with technology for most of their lives with an emphasis on educational and instructional technology.  As teachers, they have spent years training teachers and students to use technology to enhance the educational experience.  They both have worked as mathematics and computer instructors, professional development trainers with Southern Nevada Regional Professional Development Program, and hold Associate Graduate Faculty status with the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, in the Teaching and Learning department.

Richard is currently a technology teacher with Round Rock ISD in Round Rock, Texas and a part-time trainer with the Southern Nevada Regional Professional Development Program.  Richard specializes in mobile devices, desktop publishing, Microsoft Office products, Google products and technology integration strategies.

Jerrad is entering a new position as a full time Education Technology Trainer at the Southern Nevada Regional Professional Development Program based in Las Vegas, Nevada.  He leaves the position of Educational Computing Strategist at Shadow Ridge High School after ten years (5 as ECS and 5 as a mathematics instructor).  Jerrad now works with five school districts across Southern Nevada in developing effective classrooms through the use of technology.  He currently specializes in working with Internet resources, Microsoft Office products, Google products, mobile devices, and technology integration strategies.

Now that you've met the team, check back often to read our posts and share your thoughts!


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