Monday, August 3, 2015

Google Tip: Set Timer

I was reminded this past weekend about a cool Google tip that I had almost forgotten.  Do you have the need for a timer in your classroom?

Over the years I have found some awesome sites that provide a countdown timer or a stopwatch.  Some with an alarm, some without.  Some can be used full screen, some in the shape of an egg, and some that were covered with advertisements.  And over those years I have had to update blog post after blog post to remove the timer sites that just didn't last.  I believe I have finally found an excellent countdown timer that I'm fairly certain will never go away.

Why won't it go away?  One word; Google!  Google has built the countdown timer in the search interface. Try opening a Google search page by navigating to  In the search bar type, "set timer 2 minutes" or I can do it for you if you prefer (let me Google that for you).

Instantly, Google creates a timer that begins counting down.

Notice the ability to stop, reset, adjust notification volume, and display full screen options.  This is an excellent tool for any classroom that needs a countdown timer for station work or timed activities.  Well done Google.  

Who knew?


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