Monday, April 7, 2014

Manage Browser Tabs with FreshStart

If you're like me, you have several email accounts open in different browser windows with at least 15 tabs opens in each window. Have you ever had to shut down or restart your computer and not sure what to do with all those open tabs? Have you ever wanted an easy way to load the same tabs with a simple click of a button?

Well here's how! FreshStart - Cross Browser Session Manager extension for the Chrome browser.

I recently came across this extension when Jerrad turned me on to the Incredible StartPage app that lets you create a custom start page. They're both created by Visbio Limited and a must have for any Chrome user.

Here's how it works. After you install the extension FreshStart will display all the open windows and tabs after selecting the icon in the toolbar. The left-hand side displays the open tabs and windows while the saved sessions are listed on the right.

Simply select the tabs you want to save, type an appropriate name, press save and Voila!, it's that easy.

I happened to be searching for some information about Adobe Muse at the time, so we'll use those tabs for our example.

As you can see, the selected tabs span across multiple windows. If I were to leave it this way, the tabs would re-open in multiple windows when selected. Personally, I'd like to have all five tabs open in the same window, and to do so you simply select the edit button in the session window.

Once in edit mode, select the tabs you wish to combine and drag them to the same window, place them in the appropriate order and press save.

FreshStart has some other nice features like being able to add or remove tabs from previously saved sessions as well as it offers a crash recovery option.

So now that you're ready to take control of your tabs, head to the app store and download FreshStart.


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