Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Experience the new Google Drive, Part I

Some great new updates to Google Drive were recently released. Below are some examples of these new features.

First, if you haven't already updated to the new Drive, simply press the gear in the upper right-hand corner and select 'Experience the new Drive.'

Some of the changes are visibly obvious while others are a little more subtle. Below are some comparisons between the two.

The most obvious change is to the folders. Notice the clean, sleek look of the new folders compared to the old version.

Old Drive New Drive

Create/New Button
The next visible change is the New button compared to the old drive's Create button. You'll also notice that 'Shared with Me' has now become 'Incoming.'

Old Drive

New Drive

You'll notice a few changes when you right-click now.

Old Drive

New Drive

  • Starring Files - Unlike the old version, you'll need to right click on the file in order to 'Star' it.
  • Details and Activity - Instead of having to right-click to get the details, they now show up in a separate pane on the right-hand side. You can show or hide the details by pressing the icon in the upper right of the menu bar.

Show Link

One of my favorite upgrades is the 'Show link' button. This new feature allows you to easily find the link by selecting a file and pressing the 'Show link' icon. No longer will you have to open the share dialog box to copy the link.


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