Tuesday, August 5, 2014

New Mail?

I'm not sure how many times a day I watch people working at their computers only to stop every ten minutes to check their smartphone for new emails, texts, or tweets.  If you're a Gmail user, you can bring your new email right to your desktop by turning on notifications via Chrome (this also works with Google Now).  It's super simple.

Open your Chrome browser and click on the hotdogs in the top right corner (that's the three little bars).  Then choose Settings.

Scroll down to the Privacy section and choose Content Settings.  Find the section called Notifications and be sure you select one of the first two options (the second choice is recommended).

Close the settings window and navigate to Gmail.  Click the Gear icon in the top right corner and choose Settings.  Find the Desktop Notifications section and turn on Gmail notifications (two options).

*Note: You must be signed in to Gmail and have Gmail open in your browser to receive desktop notifications.

That's it.  Now you'll be notified when a new email arrives.


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