Sunday, September 6, 2015

Google Tour Builder

I'm always looking for great ways to have students demonstrate their learning through digital story telling.  Of course, I've always been a huge fan of GoogleTreksTM by Dr. Alice Christie (GoogleTreksTM post).  Putting content on a map provides an opportunity for all students to gain knowledge in not only the topic/subject discussed, but also in geography and global awareness.

Over the past few months, I have fallen in love with using Google Tour Builder.  This web-based learning tool is similar to Google Earth but instead has been specifically created to tell stories.  Originally, a Google Earth experiment, it was released as a method for allowing military men and women to document their travels.  Google Tour Builder now is used by anyone who is looking to tell a story.

Using Google Tour Builder, I have worked with several teachers to create student-centered lessons using a map as the foundation.  Take a look at a few samples from teachers involved in professional development offered by the Southern Nevada Regional Professional Development Program:

How can you use Google Tour Builder to tell a story?  Better yet, how can students use this tool to tell THEIR own story?  Give it a try.

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