Sunday, January 3, 2016

Google Search: The Knowledge Graph

Part of my New Year's resolution is to spend a little more time sharing EdTech tips via the THT blog.  This post will be the first in a series this winter relating to Google Search.  I spend a great deal of my time teaching others about the amazing things that can be done with Google Search.  In fact, I often find that many users who take advantage of Google Search know very little about it's awesome capabilities.  With that, I hope you enjoy this first post and the foundation for the next few in this series regarding Google Search, and in particular, the Knowledge Graph.  Enjoy!

One of the best features of Google Search is the Knowledge Graph.  The Knowledge Graph is commonly displayed to the right of the results of a Google search.  It contains detailed information that is widely used when searching for a particular topic.  The Knowledge Graph is also a tool for displaying the collection of interconnected data that Google has acquired from the web that is closely affiliated to your search topic.

Since 2012, the Knowledge Graph has become a valuable resource when using Google Search.  The Knowledge Graph is not only convenient but also contains information from a variety of sources (images, books, quotes, other people, etc).  Depending on your search topic, the Knowledge Graph can also give very different information (not all searches for people will give you the same data).  Take a look at the images of the two searches below.  One search contains the results from famous author Judy Blume.  The other contains information about Albert Einstein.  Notice the difference in the data that is provided.


The Knowledge Graph is an amazing resource to use when searching with Google, especially for those who never leave the first page of their provided search results.  Try performing a couple of searches of your own to see how the data in the Knowledge Graph differs.

*The next couple of blog posts in this series will focus on the Knowledge Graph and the different topics that produce results displayed in this fashion.  Stay tuned-- I think you'll be amazed at what Google Search can do for you.


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