Google Tips, Tricks & Scripts

Google is constantly evolving. Come and learn about some really cool tips and tricks for Google Chrome and Google Apps for Education including add-ons and scripts.

Fuel you Drive with GAS

Let Google Apps Script speed up your productivity. Come explore several add-ons and learn how to create your own custom scripts.

The Amazing QRace

Through a series of activities, experience the many uses of QR codes in the classroom. From simple links to choose-your-own-adventure, learn how to integrate QR codes into any curriculum. Be ready to be mobile and interactive.

Dueling Mice

Experience battling presenters in a rapid-fire session showcasing the latest and greatest Web 2.0 apps!

Video Game Art

Combine the best of both worlds, Photoshop and video games. Create animated characters, objects, and scenery using Photoshop. Then import them into Scratch to build interactive video games.

Become an Adobe Illustrator Pen Tool Jedi

Afraid of the Pen tool? Not sure what a B├ęzier curve is? Learn how to master the Pen tool by working through various exercises that you can use with your students. You'll learn about the different forms of the Pen tool, how to use handles and anchor points and keyboard controls. In no time you'll be able to trace objects, create custom shapes and be on your way to becoming a Pen Tool Jedi!

Scratch This!

Create games or works of art, mix music and sounds, visualize mathematics, and even make animated interactive stories. Come experience the endless possibilities of Scratch, the free and simple to use programming language. In this session, participants will be exposed to several different ways of incorporating Scratch into any curriculum. Within minutes, you and your students will be on your way to creating some really awesome projects.